What Is Fiber Gaming Network?

Preston Telephone Company has partnered with Fiber Gaming Network (FGN), an esports services company launched in May 2023 that gives community-based broadband providers an opportunity to engage with local gamers and support esports in their local schools and communities. FGN was brought to us by the Iowa Communications Alliance who serves as an advocate, catalyst, educator, and trusted resource for Iowa’s community-based communications providers. FGN’s parent company is DxTEL, a broadband marketing company founded in 2018 that serves approximately 200 internet service providers across North America.

This partnership will allow us to offer unique and exclusive esports opportunities to our customers

Our sponsorship with the Fiber Gaming Network allows anyone (ages 13 or older) in these zip codes (52031, 52060, 52064, 52069, 52074, 52731, 52750) that is a Fiber Internet customer of the Preston Telephone Company to attain a FREE Fiber Gaming Network Account!

To get started press to button below, choose “Preston Telephone Company” as your service provider, and make your FREE account today! Once your account is created click on your name, and connect your discord for access to tournaments and weekly events!

Click to Sign Up for FREE!

What is Discord?

Discord Is how an FGN user will keep up to date with events/tournaments, as well as instructions on how to join these events/tournaments when they are live. Once you have created an FGN account you will be able to link your discord through FGN for access to the FGN Discord Server!

Upcoming Events